Is it better to hide or delete to secure your privacy?

Why do we delete vs hiding info on your phone? We get this question asked many times. While both ideas have advantages, it depends on what you’re trying to protect and from whom.

Let’s first explore the basic scenarios where you need to protect your sensitive information from unwanted phone searches.

Either your spouse or significant other asks to see your phone because you just came back from a great party, trip or ladies night out.  A friend may want to borrow your phone and start through search your phone and your private information for curiosity or the fun of it.

In each of these scenarios, you unlock and hand over the phone for them to search. You have a high degree confidence that you’re sensitive info is hidden with one of many good apps. You have nothing to worry about. They will never discover your secrets.

But as soon as an observant, clever or suspicious person gets hold of your phone, they will notice one of 2 things:

A folder with a name something like Samsung’s Secure folder:

Secure Folder

Or words similar to unhide in the menu:

A person from the first 2 scenarios will now force you to unlock the hidden files by providing them with the secondary password. So hiding files may work sometimes, but not all of the times.

Another benefit of deleting your confidential data is in the scenario where your phone is searched and its contents copied by a technical savvy person. In this case, your hidden data will also get copied. An technical analyst will find your hidden info.

If you’re lucky enough not to face a technical savvy person or a clever person, then hiding may suffice.

If you wish there was an alternative to hiding info, then Conseel was developed just for you!

Let us know below where you think deletion or hiding sensitive data work best.