How It Works

Quick and Simple way to protect yourself from unwanted phone searches

Conseel™ allows you to create 2 PINs – a regular PIN to unlock your phone normally and a Trapdoor PIN. When the trapdoor PIN is entered, not only will it unlock the phone, it will delete your (pre-selected) sensitive information in the background. You select what information to delete and personalize it filters to target specific dates, contacts, etc.

Set up your regular main unlock PIN and your Trapdoor PIN. These can be from 4 to 15 digits. Do not give out your main PIN. Only handout your trapdoor PIN, in the event someone wants to search your phone

Enable from the many items available to delete (phone log, images, files and for Premium version SMS and emails). Further personalize these settings by narrowing down the date range of the items to delete, from whom or which folder, location for images, etc.

Rest assured that in the event someone wants to search your phone, unlock your phone with the trapdoor password and hand over the phone to the other party. Stay calm and reduce suspicion.

Steps to protect yourselfUsing Conseel™ is fairly simple to set up and use. Here are the best ways to keep you protected while using Conseel™

Back up phone

Setup Backup services

Set up Back up services to continuously keep copy of your data to either the cloud or a computer. ConseelTM deletes your data upon triggering your trapdoor PIN when you want to remain protected in extreme circumstances or under duress. Retrieve your information from your backup once you’re in a safe environment.

ecrypt phone

Encrypt your device

Encrypt your information on your device for best results. Check out this sample instruction guide, if you need help. It is much more difficult to crack an encrypted device to restore previously deleted information.

Download conseel

Download Conseel

Download ConseelTM to protect yourself from unwanted phone searches.


Set up 2 PINs

Set up your regular phone lock screen PIN and trapdoor PIN. Remember to use Trapdoor PIN when giving your phone to others. ConseelTM allows you to create PINs of up to 15 digits to keep you more secure.

application settings

Personalize what to delete

Enable items to delete such as phone log, SMS, pictures, emails, etc. Personalize what to delete by selecting date ranges and other filters to delete upon triggering trapdoor.

Hand over phone

You're all set!

You’re all set – give you phone to anyone with the trapdoor PIN to reduce suspicion

Unique Cyber Privacy solutionAs a unique cyber privacy solution, our goal is to keep you protected in extreme situations when your phone is at a danger of being searched for your sensitive information. Conseel™ offers you that insurance policy in the event you need it. Conseel™ does not track or store your sensitive information in the cloud or on our servers.

Many personalization filters

Conseel™ allows you to personalize what to delete in multiple ways: You can select from date ranges; recent days only (you can last X days/weeks/months/years), from which contact (for phone log, SMS & emails); keywords for emails; location tags for photos (if location tagging is enabled on your device); folders (for files, documents, images, videos) and more.

Local storage only

Your settings and filters are only stored on your phone itself. This information is NOT transmitted nor shared with anyone at Conseel™ or 3rd parties.

Trapdoor triggers deletion

Upon triggering trapdoor PIN, Conseel™ will unlock the phone normally and delete your pre-specified sensitive information in the background. The speed of the deletion process is dependent on how much you have selected to delete. The more targeted your criteria, the faster the deletion process and less the suspicion.

Best Practices for remaining Conseeled.Get the most out of being protected by using these best practices for making sure your private information remains conseeled.

Encrypt the information on your phone to ensure maximum security and privacy. When information is deleted from an encrypted phone, it is more difficult for the prying eyes to recapture the deleted info. Not sure how to encrypt your device, click here

When someone asks to borrow your phone or asks to search it, remember to remain calm and give them your trapdoor PIN only.

Before installing Conseel™, it is a good practice to remove your existing security, if any. Change your security settings from a password, PIN, etc to SWIPE only. If the device’s default security is not removed, you will have to enter 2 passwords (existing one and a new one you will set in Conseel™) to unlock your phone. Two passwords will cause suspicion to others but it will also be a nuisance.

Remove the Conseel™ app’s shortcut from the home screen. This will reduce some suspicion if someone is looking for the installation of Conseel™ on our phone. You can still access Conseel™ from the app drawer – a directory of all of your installed apps. Please note that others can also Conseel™ via the app drawer as well.

When personalizing your data to be deleted, be as specific as possible. This will keep the date to be deleted to a minimum which will minimize suspicion. Giving someone a phone with no emails or no photos as an example will increase suspicion as it is not normal for a person to have very little information on the phone. Minimal information will also decrease the speed at which the device will delete your information. The more data to delete, the longer it will take. Read more on how to personalize your settings and filters in the Quick Set Up guide.

To minimize chances of deleting files that you wanted to keep, we suggest that you create special folders in which you want to store information to be deleted. For ex. Create an album “TEMP” where you regularly move images or videos into it. Selecting one folder will ensure that you don’t accidentally delete other wanted info.

Need help setting up and personalizing Conseel™, read the Quick Set Up guide.