How to hack Conseel to spring clean your phone

Conseel’s Side Benefit #24 –Digital Spring cleaning your phone

With spring in the year, you can hear birds singing and some nagging noises to clean up your house, room, and yourself. And now you need to add your phone to the list.  Unlike your house, spring cleaning your phone with Conseel is quick and easy! Spring cleaning the phone refers to purging old data that resides on your phone. This data can be taking up valuable space and eating up treasured memory on the phone, leaving traces of your personal life that you want to delete or you simply want to remove old stuff that is no longer relevant to you today.

One of the side benefits of using Conseel is its ability to delete all kinds of data, not just your sensitive information. You can spend hours going through your phone to review one item at a time and delete one at a time, but that will take forever. Conseel lets you delete a lot of data at the touch of a button!

As Conseel covers a lot of your regularly used information, you will be able to delete emails, SMS, phone logs, files, web browsing history, pictures and videos.

Below is a simple guide to show how you can use Conseel to do a major clean-up of your data.

Before you start, back up all of the contents of your phone in case you delete something by accident.

Since you will be making changes to your Conseel settings to do a massive cleanup, you will want to revert to the original settings of deleting only your private information after the clean-up. Make a note of your settings before you start or take screenshots.  Change the settings to clean up your information as mentioned below and then click on the DELETE NOW icon on Conseel’s home screen to delete all of the information in one shot.

Clean up emails: Have a lot of emails that you have been saving or not deleting regularly? This is the time to delete emails that have been clogging up our inbox and sent boxes such as old jokes, embarrassing content, clubs or associations that you are no longer part of, old medical related emails (make sure not to delete the important reminders), emails about old jobs or interviews, old travel confirmations, old non-important financial transactions such as money transfers, etc.  Do a quick look at the emails that you don’t want to keep anymore and identify a few keywords that appear in the subject line and/or sender’s email addresses. Note down the date of the oldest email as well.  Configure Conseel’s settings under email section.

If you have many different keywords or contacts’ emails to delete, you will want to delete a bunch of these at a time. After configuring the settings for some of the contacts/keywords, delete this data and then repeat the process. To delete the emails, click on the DELETE NOW icon on Conseel’s home screen to delete all of the information that matches current settings. Reset with new keywords and senders and repeat the process again. Remember to leave enough time in between each iteration to allow the app to delete the required data.

Remember to empty the trash and spam folders as well for those emails not deleted by Conseel.

Clean up old text messages/SMS: If we’re not careful, SMS messages can easily pile up and take up a lot of space.  Many times, we don’t really need to archive SMS messages as there usually are not many texts that we want to hold onto. It is easier to delete old text messages from specific people. If you want to simply delete old texts regardless of recipient, you will only need to select dates (e.g. January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017) without specifying contacts. This will select all texts sent/received regardless of the contacts within the timeframe.

If you want to delete old texts from specific people only, then add as many as people to the list of contacts. This will select all texts sent/received for those contacts only within the timeframe.

Don’t forget to identify the messages with jokes and sexts.

Delete old Pictures and Videos: Media files like pictures and videos usually take up the most space on our phones. To keep memories stored for a long time, back up your media files to the cloud or computer. You may have a lot of selfies that you’ve already posted on social media that you can delete from your phone. Do you still have to keep your Grand Canyon vacation pictures from 4 years ago on the phone? How about those embarrassing pictures? And what about those Whatsapp images (jokes, greetings, etc) that you get every day? Media files present a big opportunity to clean up your phone.

Complete a quick review of your pictures and videos and make a note of locations, dates and albums for the ones to be deleted. You may want to move the pictures that you want to keep into another folder for safekeeping. This allows you the added benefit of easily finding these photos later and to target the root folders (like Camera) where you can delete all of the contents without worrying about losing important pictures.

Conseel makes this process easier by allowing you to identify not only timeframes, but also delete targeted specific albums (aka folders incl. Whatsapp images folder) and location tagged pictures. Videos are not location tagged.  Configure Conseel’s image deletion settings  and video deletion settings.

Clean up your phone log:  Call log (aka phone log) is one of those items that easily adds up and doesn’t usually provide much value in keeping old logs. . If you want to simply delete old logs regardless of recipient, you will only need to select dates (e.g. January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017) without specifying contacts. Make sure to toggle on call type (missed, incoming, etc.). This will select all logs regardless of the contacts within the timeframe.

If you want to delete call logs from specific people only, then add as many as people to the list of contacts. This will select all logs for those contacts only within the timeframe.

Delete your unnecessary files: This is one area where the amount of files can pile up but more importantly, the size of the files can quickly take up a lot of space on your phone. Before anyone ignores this section as you may believe that you don’t store any files on your file, take a look at your DOWNLOAD folder.  “Download” and “Document” folders are the usual places where your phone stores most files. Each time you view an attachment within email or save a file/picture to your phone, it’s most likely downloaded and stored in the DOWNLOAD folder. Some people move these files or save these files to the “Documents” folder instead.  Either or both of these folders can become bloated with files no longer needed – jokes, old resumes, old prescriptions, event flyers, travel itineraries, old receipts, letters, etc.

Most of the times, it is easier to identify which files you want to keep which should be a much smaller number of files as compared to the many to delete. Conduct a quick review of the files that you have.  You can use the pre-installed app called “My Files” or similar sounding name or another third party app to explore the files in your phone. Move the important files that you want to keep into a new folder. Make sure that this folder is not contained within “DOCUMENTS” or “DOWNLOAD” folder as it might get deleted. Note the dates of oldest and newest file to be deleted.

Conseel allows you to delete all of the files from specified folders very easily. Moreover, Conseel provides a simple way to delete the DOWNLOADs directory by only identifying timeframe . For files located in “Documents” or other folders, specify these folders with the start and end dates under Delete My Files.

Clean up your web browser history: Does your browser slow down once in a while? Are you able to make some coffee while a page is downloading? It’s time to clean up your web browser history. With Conseel it’s just as easy to clean up your history as it other data. Follow these simple steps to clean up your web history and cache (files/images stored locally on your phone to make browsing faster).

DELETE ALL SELECTED DATA: Once you set all of the settings in Conseel, you’re ready to delete the data. You don’t have to use the Trapdoor password to delete this data. After all of the settings have been configured, click on the “DELETE NOW” icon on top of the Conseel’s home screen. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the data.

Home screen with DELETE NOW IconIt may take some time to delete a lot of data. While Conseel is doing the heavy lifting for you, spend some time catching up with friends or make a list of things that need cleaning in your house.

Don’t forget to change your settings back to your original settings to make sure that your sensitive data is covered and deleted by Conseel in the event of someone snooping your phone.

Don’t have Conseel installed on your phone, download it now.

While cleaning is not always a fun activity for many, at least Conseel makes your Digital Spring cleaning easy. Let us know in the comments on how else you can use Conseel.

Please note that some of the functionality mentioned above may only be available in specific versions.