How to set up Image deletion?

How to set up Image deletion?

From the home screen, click anywhere in “Delete Gallery” area. On the next screen, click on “Delete Images”.  You will be prompted to all allow Conseel to access phots, media and files.  Click “Allow”.

Image deletion filters

  1. Select your date range or recent timeframe measured in last X days/weeks/months/years. The shorter the period the better and faster the deletion process.
  2. Select the album from which you would like to delete? Ensure each album is checked off as desired and the Albums option is Toggled ON. When you first click on the PLUS symbol, you will be shown a list of all folders on your smartphone. It will look like the following screenshot. Most of the times, the folder named “DCIM” contains the folders in which pictures that you have taken with the default camera app. Click on “DCIM” to further select the correct folder/album. If you click on SELECT, the entire folder of DCIM will be selected!Listing of all folders. Look for DCIM.After clicking on “DCIM”, you will be presented with another screen that shows all of the folders/albums such as the following screenshot. The “Camera” folder contains all of the pictures taken by you using the default camera app. “SELECT” the folder of your choice.SELECT the Camera folder

    After clicking SELECT, you will be taken back to the Image Settings Page. You can select more than one folder/album. You can select “Whatsapp” folder as an example as well. It is recommended that you create a special folder where you store your sensitive images and then select this folder. This method ensures that you don’t delete other pictures by accident.

    As a side note, the folder with a name like “_EXTERNALDATA_” refers to your information stored on a SD memory card or similar. A folder with a dot in front of it donates a hidden folder which is only visible to the app that created it. These can be made visible from some file explorer apps as well.

  3. Select Location(s) by clicking on each of the boxes next to the location. Toggle Locations ON. The locations listed in this section are populated automatically based on the locations tag contained in your pictures. This section will be empty if you do not capture location aka geo tagging.
  4. Toggle on the “Enable Image Deletion” located on top of the screen. This can also be turned on from the home screen. That’s it! Next time the trapdoor is entered; all images matching your filters will be deleted.