Our Mission

We care about your privacyWe believe that you own the information on your phone and no one else has the right to see it. You alone control who and what Info to share.

Our mission is to provide digital tools allowing every individual the freedom to control their digital privacy destiny.


No one lets strangers into their house. Why do we let others search our private information without warrants?

Prying eyes

There are many prying eyes who want to invade our privacy.

Global implication

Many countries are bypassing personal privacy and hurting us all.

Conseel™ is a creation by its parent company, NYSNYD Inc. NYSNYD was started because we care about our digital security and confidentiality of our information.  We believe that our information belongs to us and no one has the right to access it without our consent. We have to power and right to determine whom we share our private information with.

Whether the information is pictures, videos, text messages and email, sensitive files or our digital footprint – all of this information belongs to us.  We want to keep prying eyes away from our confidential and sensitive information. So the next time, someone wants to check up on you and look at your information under the banner of intimacy or security, you have the right to use Conseel to protect your information.

We at NYSNYD have witnessed too many events recently, where our privacy was compromised and our personal information snooped on by law enforcement agencies, border officials and in many cases, our loved ones.  We run a constant threat of having our privacy invaded; our confidential information, ranging from critical client communications to trade secrets or even personal indiscretions, is at risk of being breached and copied by others.

We are proud to introduce our first product, Conseel that not only protects you from unwanted phone searches, it allows you to share only what you want and with whom.

Our call to actionTo bring you Conseel™, so you can share only what you want and with whom you want.