Why Conseel?

Conseel is the only app to delete sensitive information, when needed. Conseel is your guardian angel, defending you from digital strip searches.

Conseel doesn't hide.

Deletion removes all traces

Conseel doesn’t hide information like any of the existing products on the market because that info can still be copied. Deletion ensures that secrets cannot be copied nor revealed should the phone owner be forced to provide the password to access their easily exposed secure folders. Read more here.

Conseel adds more functionality

Conseel covers more information

Hiding apps typically let you hide only one to two of these items: photos, SMS or call logs. Not only does Conseel let you delete phots, SMS and call logs, it also lets you delete browser history, emails and files. Furthermore, you can target the Downloads folder to delete all those files that are retrieved from the internet/emails/etc.

Familiar look and feel

Familiar look and feel

Conseel takes over the phone’s unlock screen which allows the user to enter either their regular password or the trapdoor password. The process of using this integrated standard unlock screen removes all suspicion of the user activating any deletion modes. Moreover, it makes for a simple and familiar user interface.

Conseel provides more protection than hiding apps

Conseel minimizes suspicion by not deleting too much info, but only deleting your targeted sensitive secrets.